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‘Culinary’ Romance Juni, starring Pruthvi Ambaar, is scheduled to premiere in theaters on February 9

<p>The romance drama Juni, starring Pruthvi Ambaar, who gained recognition for his work in Dia, will be released in theaters on February 9. This time, he plays the endearing role of a chef instead of a dramatic characters with a spatula. Juni, which is helmed by Vibhav Mahadev, seems to be a delightful trip filled with joy, love, and perhaps even a few delectable meals.</p>
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<p>Renowned for his work in short films, Vaibhav Madhav directs Juni in his feature picture debut. An alumnus of the Prague Film School, Vaibhav choreographed the action scenes and also wrote and directed the movie. Produced by Shreyas VS and Trishul created by Mohan Kumar, Juni stars Pruthvi and Rishika Nayak.</p>
<p>Filmed in Bengaluru, Juni has art direction by Navin, cinematography by Ajin B and Jithin Das, and a musical soundtrack by Nakul Abhyankar.</p>
<p>With the release of Dia remakes in Hindi and Marathi last year, Pruthvi made his screen debut in a number of exciting Kannada flicks. These include Priyanka Upendra and Lasya Nagaraj in Life is Beautiful, Bhuvanam Gaganam with Pramod and Rachel David, For Regn with Milana Nagaraj, and Matsyagandha with Gopalkrishna Deshpande. Pruthvi has discussed the increased attention that filmmakers are showing after Dia’s OTT success. He did, however, emphasize that he wanted to avoid being stuck in the usual lover boy stereotype, thus he chose a variety of positions.</p>
<p>Pruthvi is still not content with the number of movies he has available since he is excited to work on a project that will be profitable in order to establish a long-term acting career. These days, it’s difficult to get his movies into theaters since distributors and exhibitors evaluate the star’s marketability. Pruthvi emphasizes that he could pursue the parts and movies he wants to play if a single blockbuster movie changed his career. But if he can’t seem to find success, he worries that his options for pursuing his goals will be limited.</p>