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Due to accusations of match-fixing, the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL 2024) will terminate Shoaib Malik’s contract

<p>With 8 wickets and 12 balls remaining, Khulna Tigers prevailed at the finish of the match. Tigers cheered thanks to Anamul Haque and Evin Lewis’ outstanding collaboration. Against Fortune Barishal, each of the openers amassed half-centuries and dominated the target chase.</p>
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<p>Shoaib Malik reportedly departed Bangladesh for personal reasons earlier this year, according to the local media. The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL 2024) team Fortune Barishal hasn’t released an official comment on Malik’s dismissal, but rumors have it that he has been kicked out for the duration of the competition.</p>
<p>After that, Malik was subjected to vicious trolling on social media as Sania Mirza’s curse began to manifest. Following their divorce, Sania Mirza issued a statement wishing Malik well on his next endeavors and disclosing that they had been apart for some time.</p>