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Fahan International School celebrated its 32nd annual Day celebration

Fahan International School celebrated its 32nd annual Day celebration on the 27th of January 2024 Saturday at Shah Auditorium Civil Lines.

Amidst the fervour, the esteemed gathering was blessed by the bening presence of all the invited dignitaries namely:

Chandrakanta ACP subdivision Bhajanpura North East Delhi

Dr Sudha Singh Deputy Director of Education North East Delhi.

Narendra Sharma SHO  Bhajanpura Police Station Delhi.

Amitabh Mathur IPS special secretary and Research and Analysis Wing .

S Zaidi Assistant Section Officer of education.

Words of wisdom by Dr. Sudha Singh educated parents to spend quality time with their children to understand their potential and channelize their efforts in the direction of their interest

Aggression in children is increasing nowadays. Parents must stay calm while dealing with the children.

ACP ma’am’s short visit impressed her immensely with the welcome that was given to her by the Scouts who paraded her till her chair. She emphasized on student’s being disciplined in their lives for success.

The onset of program was with the speech of Swati Mathur Principal Ma’am of Fahan International school .

The Institutions goal, the policy of the management -Connecting with every parent with live examples was narrated.

Teachers efforts in bringing excellence in children was defined.

Year long achievements by the students was highlighted, awardees were appreciated. Future aim of school was embarked.

The students of Fahan international school showcased their talents through various items including vivid performances of :-

A Musical Choir, Instrumental pleasantries, followed by English act on excessive usage of social media, beautiful performances by the Tiny Tots of kindergarten which were performed on Nursery Rhymes.

Tears trinkled down the eyes of parents when they saw themselves being honoured on the big screen by their own kids in a dance devoted to Parents .

Fitness a lifestyle, was emphasized by an Aerobic act of the School s middle level students.

Rajasthani dance,& Qawwali left parents in awe … and a social message was conveyed by a dance drama saying no to use of plastic. Pyramid , Itihaas ka Aaina Hun Main ,

Patriotic Hindi play brought tears in the eyes of one and all present but the Grand Finale which was a Bhangra dance made everybody dance to their tunes …

Such magnanimous & colourful was the ending of the concert which was celebrated and in the end it was concluded by the management’s vote of thanks to the parents to the teachers  and awards were announced to motivate our teachers, for them to do better in future.

The occasion was graced by the Founders of the School B.N. Naqvi Chairperson Mam and S.H.M. Naqvi Secretary of School were present and they gave prizes and certificates to all participants, Guests and teachers.