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Users of Google Pixel 8 and Beyond Receive a Security Update Including the Newest Fix: Every Detail

<p>Google has made available its latest update for Pixel owners running Android 14. Together with other significant adjustments for problems that people have been reporting over the last several weeks, the business has released the security patch for February 2024. The most recent update, which weighs less than 30 MB, isn’t packed with additions, but it seems that a sizable portion of Pixel users who qualify for Android 14 are receiving it this week.</p>
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<p><strong>PIXEL DEVICES: Pixel 5a will get an update in February 2024.</strong></p>
<p>– Pixel 6</p>
<p>– Pixel Master</p>
<p>– Pixel 6a</p>
<p>– Pixel 7</p>
<p>– Pixel 7 Pro</p>
<p>– Pixel 7a</p>
<p>– Pixel Tablet</p>
<p>– Pixel 8</p>
<p>– Pixel 8 Pro</p>
<p>– Folding Pixels</p>
<p>With this update, Google is fixing around 15 security flaws that have been graded from high to critical for Pixel users, but it isn’t bringing any new features.</p>
<p><strong>How to Install the Pixel Update for February 2024</strong></p>
<p>– Open the Pixel phone’s Settings.</p>
<p>– Select System by swiping down and clicking on System update.</p>
<p>– The phone will look for updates automatically.</p>
<p>– Press Install to apply the Android 14 patch, then restart the gadget.</p>
<p>As previously stated, an over-the-air (OTA) update with security patches was sent to the Pixel 8 models this week. The upgrade’s package size, 26.27 MB, confirms its contents. Having said that, this patch addresses issues with the camera, Wi-Fi performance, and display on a few Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices.</p>
<p>After applying the patch, users of the Pixel Fold will notice an improvement in the functionality of their external display. The Pixel Drop update, released in January, enabled the functionality for Pixel users. With this update, users began to experience AI capabilities like Circle search on the Pixel 8 Pro model.</p>