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Cheteshwar Pujara and Ravindra Jadeja will be felicitated before to the third India-England test in Rajkot

<p>The Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA) will honor Cheteshwar Pujara and Ravindra Jadeja for their outstanding contributions to Indian cricket and for making their respective states and nations proud.</p>
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<p>Pujara is only the thirteenth player from India to join the exclusive 100-Test club, while Jadeja, who is now ranked No. 1 in the ICC Test all-rounder rankings, has shown her ability to win matches for India in a variety of forms. On February 14, during the event to reveal the SCA Stadium’s new name, both local lads will be honored. The Niranjan Shah Stadium will be the new name of the stadium.</p>
<p>“During the ceremony for the stadium’s new name, we will be honoring both Pujara and Ravindra,” said SCA President Jaydev Shah.</p>
<p>The final three England Test matches’ roster was revealed this morning by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), and Pujara, who has been leading Saurashtra in runs scored in the present Ranji Trophy, was not called up. Although Jaydev believes it is “part of the game,” he acknowledges that it would have been amazing to witness their two local guys, Pujara and Jadeja, take the field against England.</p>
<p>Pujara’s decision to not participate is left to the team administration and selectors, so I can’t speak much about it, but we would have been thrilled if he had been there. We would have been more proud if he had played, not that we aren’t proud now. Few people in India have managed to play as many Test matches as he has. Although it is a part of the game, it would have been amazing to have him play at Rajkot. Not everything you wish for comes true. He has put in a lot of effort at work. Jaydev adds, “He made Saurashtra very proud.”</p>
<p>Jadeja has rejoined the team after missing the second Test due to injury, although Pujara did not get a recall. The all-rounder’s participation is contingent upon receiving health clearance from the BCCI medical staff, according to a BCCI announcement. Jadeja and his family have been invited by the SCA to the felicitation, and Jaydev is hopeful that Jadeja will be there.</p>
<p>“Saurashtra is still very proud of Ravindra. I’ve heard that Ravindra is hurt. I’m not very sure about that, but I think he’ll come for the event. I really hope so. According to Jaydev, “We will also be congratulating him for being the greatest Test all-rounder in the world.”</p>
<p>The new name of the stadium will be unveiled by BCCI secretary Jay Shah on the eve of the third Test. The state cricket association has already sent invitations to the BCCI’s top brass and other dignitaries. The players from England and India will practice together earlier that day, and invitations will also be sent to the Test players.</p>