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Primary Plus Expands its Reach Tenfold with Strategic Partnership and 50 percent Stake Acquisition by Rajesh Bajaj of PM Publications

New Delhi, 14th February 2024: In a significant development, Primary Plus, India’s leading classroom magazine since 2004, has joined forces with Rajesh Bajaj, Director of PM Publications, acquiring a substantial 50% stake in the magazine. This collaboration is set to redefine the educational landscape for children, merging the extensive reach of Primary Plus with the expertise and footprint of PM Publications in over 4000 schools nationwide.

Founder and visionary Manbir Bedi, committed to reviving children’s love for reading in the digital age, expressed his conviction that Primary Plus’s vibrant, monthly content fosters creativity, sustainability, and positive impacts on a child’s social and physical environment. With an existing readership exceeding one million among 2.5 lac kids, the partnership aims to amplify this reach tenfold.

“While books remain indispensable for the curriculum, Primary Plus goes beyond, delivering fresh content that enhances creativity, adorned with superb illustrations and designs, serving as a spark for students’ imagination and curiosity”, emphasized Manbir Bedi, Owner – Primary Plus Media Pvt Ltd.

Rajesh Bajaj, a High Net Worth Individual (HNI) with a commitment of over 100 million, brings significant financial backing to Primary Plus. The mission is clear – to establish Primary Plus as a household name, the go-to kids-only newspaper and magazine in the country. Primary Plus has additional pioneering ventures, such as screen-free coding techniques for schools and the Festival of Multiple Intelligences, a 14-year-old initiative inaugurated by the former Chief Minister, Shrimati Sheila Dikshit, in 2010.

The collaborative efforts will not only infuse additional funds but also leverage PM Publications’ extensive resources to enhance the meaningful impact of Primary Plus magazine in children’s lives. Rajesh Bajaj, Director – PM Publishers Pvt. Ltd elaborated on the collaborative vision, stating, “Our  objective is to provide teachers with more resources on the existing interactive boards in classrooms, allowing children to engage with the content published in Primary Plus.”

This strategic alliance marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of children’s education, blending innovation with tradition to create a holistic and enriching learning environment. As Primary Plus and PM Publications embark on this transformative journey, the future promises to be vibrant and inspiring for young minds across the nation.

Primary Plus is an EdMedia company dedicated to making learning enjoyable, nurturing a love for learning, and fostering multiple Intelligence skills through a versatile platform—print, digital, and events. Pioneering screen-free coding labs in 6 schools across 5 Indian cities, they adapt to evolve learning goals and curriculum shifts. Their experiential approach to teaching coding basics without computers reveals profound insights into teacher learning and student thinking.