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Truworth Wellness Launches CarePass™: Redefines Employee OPD Care & Well-being benefits

New Delhi, February 15, 2024 – Truworth Wellness, India’s corporate employee health and wellness benefits pioneer offering integrated solutions, has unveiled CarePass™, a revolutionary health membership product tailored specifically to address the primary and preventive care(OPD) needs of employees.


This first-of-its-kind, modular, and flexible solution caters to the evolving needs of corporations and aligns with the demands of both employers seeking the best for their employees and insurance partners serving their customers. CarePass™ offers a comprehensive suite of primary and preventive(OPD)services, including doctor consultations, Annual  health checks, Rx diagnostics, pharmacy, dental, and vision care, and more. Delivered through the award-winning Web & Mobile Platform “The Wellness Corner” (India’s first SOC2 Type2 certified care & wellbeing platform), CarePass™ empowers employees to take charge of their health and well-being conveniently and effectively. 

As per an industry report, the spend on employee wellbeing has gone up for 8 out of 10 companies in 2023 from 2019 and more companies are now expanding their well-being benefits under primary care, with 80% of those providing employee assistance programmes and mental health support and 37% offering telemedicine. However, the biggest challenge for employers and employees alike lies in the utilization of these programmes as the offerings are not tailored.   

Today, many companies juggle various partners for diverse aspects of employee health and wellness benefits, leading to administrative complexity and fragmented care. CarePass™ stands out by offering a unified health plan for primary care and preventive care needs, consolidating services and simplifying the experience for both employees and HR. This streamlined approach not only enhances the employee experience but also empowers HR to manage costs effectively and improve the overall health and wellbeing of their workforce. CarePass™ empowers organizations to invest in the holistic health of their workforce, delivering benefits across key areas:

Reduced healthcare costs: By prioritizing preventive care, CarePass™ tackles the challenge of rising healthcare claims, leading to substantial cost savings. This frees up HR budgets to invest in employee growth and development.

Enhanced employee productivity and engagement: Healthier and happier employees are more productive and engaged, directly impacting your bottom line.

Improved talent attraction and retention: Companies that prioritize employee well-being attract and retain top talent, giving them a competitive edge.

Data-driven insights: CarePass™ provides measurable results through its data-driven platform, allowing you to track the impact of your well-being program and make informed decisions.

Rajesh Mundra, Founder, and Executive Chairman, Truworth Wellness said, “For more than a decade, Truworth Wellness has empowered Indian employees and helped C-suite leaders revolutionize company culture by prioritizing holistic employee wellbeing. CarePass™, our newest innovation, represents a major step forward in our mission to provide accessible and effective preventive and primary care (OPD) solutions. Delivering measurable results and a tangible return on investment, CarePass™ equips employees to take control of their own well-being, making them personal wellbeing champions and boosting workforce productivity significantly. We’ve already seen a reduction in healthcare claims and improved employee satisfaction, proving the transformative power of investing in employee health benefits & well-being. This launch will assist even more organizations in moving beyond a transactional approach and investing in thriving workforces. With ambitious growth goals, aiming for a 50% YoY growth and INR 1500 crores in gross revenues within 5 years, we are committed to innovation and are confident that CarePass™ will be a game-changer for the Indian corporate wellness industry.”

Rohit Chohan, Co-Founder, and CEO of Truworth Wellness, added, “Currently, the corporate wellness and employee health benefits sector is just beginning to tap its potential, particularly in India, where it’s estimated to be only 20-30% explored. More and more leaders are shifting their mindset on well-being, recognizing its impact on talent retention, productivity, and cost savings. This makes well-being a strategic investment, even in challenging times. The corporate wellness landscape is evolving, and employers are increasingly recognizing the value of investing in their employees’ well-being. CarePass™ provides a tailor-made solution that meets the specific needs of businesses and their employees. With its focus on preventive care and comprehensive(OPD) services, CarePass™ is poised to transform the way organizations approach employee health benefits & well-being.”

For over a decade, Truworth Wellness has partnered with leading hospitals, diagnostic centers, gyms, and mental health professionals. Their 150+ in-house coaches across nutrition, fitness, and mental well-being ensure quality service across India. They serve leading corporate employers through a secure technology platform and a pan-India network, encompassing the entire spectrum of preventive care and well-being.

About Truworth Wellness:

Truworth Wellness, established in 2011, is India’s leading provider of corporate employee health benefits and wellness solutions. They foster a preventive wellness culture and offer end-to-end programs for diverse industries. With their technology-enabled solutions and flagship programs like Truwellness360, they engage participants through socialization and gamification. Their cutting-edge technology platform, ‘THE WELLNESS CORNER,’ drives lifestyle changes and reduces insurance claims.

Truworth Wellness continues to lead the Corporate Workplace Wellness market with its comprehensive tech-enabled solutions and services for corporate employers and Insurance Companies. They help identify health risks within the population and manage those risks through their flagship wellness engagement platform. Additionally, Truworth Wellness offers health benefits fulfillment, including corporate health checks through network providers, Pharmacy benefits, Doctor Consultations, Dental Benefits, Fitness Benefits, among others.


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