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Success party of Bollywood Dreamz in the presence of Sanjay Mishra, new artists get ticket to Bollywood, season 2 announced

The massive success of Bollywood Dreamz Season 1 was celebrated in Mumbai with actor Sanjay Mishra, the team of SRGK and many Bollywood celebrities. On this occasion, Rajesh Mohanty’s birthday was also celebrated by cutting a grand cake. It was a grand celebration of music, fun and joy of victory which turned out to be an evening to remember. Here many talented artists were given ticket to Bollywood. SRGK Entertainment present Bollywood Dreamz Workshop, an exclusive and unique platform designed to nurture new artists and launch them on the silver screen.


Director Neeraj Pathak, OMG 2 Director Amit Rai, Filmfare Award-winning cinematographer Aseem Bajaj and National Award Winner Sound Engineer Subash Sahoo are the guests.


This workshop has been a memorable experience. Under the guidance of famous Bollywood personalities like Sanjay Mishra, the participants got invaluable guidance and their skills were honed. And many information related to the film industry was given which could motivate them towards success.


This 7-day workshop was organized which was no less than a master class for the budding artists. The man behind the concept of Bollywood Dreamz is producer and writer Rajesh Mohanty, best known as the producer of ‘Antardhwani’, ‘Inside Stories: That Day’ and ‘Inside Stories: It’s Over’.


In this success party, many boys and girls got tickets to Bollywood from the hands of Sanjay Mishra and Deepraj Rana and they all jumped with joy after getting this ticket. All the winners thanked SRGK for giving them such an opportunity. One winner said that talent is valued here, not looks, if you come, your dream will definitely be fulfilled in Season 2. Yes, on this occasion, Season 2 of Bollywood Dreams was also announced.


Sanjay Mishra said, “Bollywood Dreamz is a great platform for aspiring talents. It ignites the passion within budding artists and propels them towards realizing their dreams.

He further said that in the dazzling world of films, aspirants often find themselves lost in the maze of wrong paths. I believe that this workshop provides a valuable platform to such artists to develop their skills and realize their dreams.”


Sanjay Mishra told that the best thing I liked about the workshop in Goa was that all the young talents were willing to learn. This is a great initiative by Rajesh Mohanty with a good theme. Now the days of heroes are gone, now actors are in charge and content is the hero. Such workshops aim to increase self-confidence among new children. Be who you are, the world will like you that way.


Rajesh Mohanty said that people from small towns come to become actors but they do not know what to do? After meeting many unprofessional people, he/she becomes disappointed and leaves Mumbai and goes back to his/her city. Then I thought of Bollywood Dreamz and when I discussed it with Sanjay Mishra, he was very supportive and said that this has to be done. And see today we are celebrating its success party. Many actors came to the 7-day workshop and mental coaches also came.


12 people have been given tickets to Bollywood. The company has signed a contract to work with them.