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Asian Indoor Athletics Championships: Gulveer Singh’s happiness wanes when he fails to win the gold medal

<p>Gulveer Singh of India lost the gold medal in the men’s 3,000-meter race at the Asian Indoor Athletics Championships the day after he was disqualified for lane violation.</p>
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<p>Late on Monday, Gulveer finished first on the podium in the non-Olympic final with a time of 8 minutes and 07.48 seconds.</p>
<p>Later, he was disqualified for lane violations, and the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) rejected a late-night “appeal.”</p>
<p>Indeed, Gulveer was found to have violated the lane. Naturally, AFI objected, but the objection was turned down, according to a team coach. “The jury found that there was sufficient evidence to conclude that Gulveer had violated the lane.”</p>