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Here’s Why HYBE Labels Chairman Apologizes To K-Pop Group LE SSERAFIM

<p>Members of the up-and-coming girl group LE SSERAFIM, Sakura Miyawaki, a Japanese singer and actor, recently gave fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their most recent mini-album, EASY. The CD, which was released on February 19, has received high praise and has shown the group’s extraordinary skill and adaptability. Within only 13 hours of its release, the music video for the title tune had amassed over 10 million views on YouTube. Hanteo’s monitoring revealed that the album had sold over 7,80,000 physical copies on its first day, which was an incredible feat.</p>
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<p>The album’s diverse selection of genres has been praised by listeners, demonstrating LE SSERAFIM’s ability to go beyond conventional K-pop conventions and appeal to a broad spectrum of musical interests. But getting to this level of recognition wasn’t easy; there were many obstacles along the way, especially while recording was happening. HYBE Labels chairman and album executive producer Bang Si Hyuk, together with Sakura, provided insights into the challenging recording process at an event held in Seoul’s Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium.</p>
<p>Sakura claims that Bang Si Hyuk apologized to the group in advance, indicating the start of a strict recording schedule. He anticipated that the trio would need to put in more time and effort, especially to perfect their vocal performances on the album’s tunes.</p>
<p>“We were informed in advance by producer Bang Si Hyuk that the album’s vocal quality required a lengthy recording process, and he apologized,” Sakura stated.</p>
<p>Sakura’s description of the event emphasizes the intense nature of the recording sessions, when she and her group members had to rerecord songs and try new things, including rap, for the first time. Bang Si Hyuk’s high expectations drove this demanding procedure, which demonstrated his faith in the group’s ability to produce a ground-breaking record.</p>
<p>The recording was getting close to its conclusion. To rerecord, however, I put forth considerably more effort. I also took rap classes for the first time,” Sakura said.</p>
<p>The outcome of this difficult but eventually fruitful effort is shown in “EASY’s” success and caliber. The album not only displays the range of musical styles that LE SSERAFIM has to offer, but it also shows how hard the group and their production team worked on it. The guidance of Bang Si Hyuk was essential in helping LE SSERAFIM perform to the best of their abilities and creating an album that not only meets but beyond expectations.</p>